2011 Bonspiel Video


This video is very large, it may take over two hours to download based on your connection speed. Once downloaded, please follow the instructions provided.

Download the Video

How to watch this type of Video

Step 1: Download the video by clicking on link and saving to your computer. (** Very large file, may take a couple hours or more to download on slower connections)
Step 2: Unzip the downloaded file to a location such as your Desktop.
Step 3: Choose the way you would like to view the video.

a) Burn the files to a DVD and watch.
b) Install the included video player and play the video from your computer.

a. If you want to burn the video to a DVD make sure the following two folders are burned to your DVD. These folders are: AUDIO_TS & VIDEO_TS. After burning these folders to DVD you should be able to use your computers’ media player to play the video.

b. If you want to play the video from your computer without creating a DVD use the video player. Install the video player by doubled clicking the file labeled “InstallMe”. Once this program (called VLC Media Player) is installed you can use it to play the video. To play the video using VLC, either right click on the folder labeled “curlvid” and choose Play with VLC or open VLC and then choose the media menu option and under this menu choose open folder. Find the folder labeled “curlvid” and then click “Select Folder” and the video should play. (** Click on the turning curling logo to start the video)